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Horoscope and astrology readings with Sue Fletcher will help you to understand more about your life purpose, possible directions to take and ultimately to change your life for the better

Sue has over 25 years of experience providing readings and astrology birth charts to clients not only in the UK but worldwide. Her readings are unique to others because not only are they available face to face but also by phone and skype. Offering a variety of readings from 12 month reports and vocation reports to solar return and life purpose, take a look at all her reading services here.

Astrology readings are done by reading the position of the sun, moon and other planets in an individual’s birth chart. They are insightful, accurate and a wonderful way to show your direction for this life-time. As well as a way to analyse and discover peoples personality traits. Sue offers a number of different online readings from birth charts, also known as horoscopes, to twelve month reports which looks at how the planets energy will affect you and what you can do with the information. Everyone has free will so we may or may not take the opportunities that are evident in our birth chart which is unfortunate as we may never realize our full potential.

Reasons Why People Visit An Astrologer

Sometimes some people visit an astrologer because they are feeling a bit lost or stuck in their life. This can be career, family, relationships or life in general. Others want to see where to go in their life. With Sue’s insight and guidance she can help you find the answer to any question you may have. Not only does Sue have experience as an astrologer she is also a qualified life coach so is able to help get the most out of your reading. Visit Sue Fletcher’s Life Coaching website here!

Not only are Sue’s online readings available to adults, but she has had people going to her for a reading of their child’s birth charts too. The reason behind this is so the parent knows how best to support their child and are able to help them reach their full potential. In addition, it would indicate where support would be needed to enable the child to become happy, confident and fulfil their potential in adulthood.

All aspects of life can be looked at during an online reading whether that is questions on love, what to do career wise, financial worries or joys, just general life plans i.e. university and travelling. They can also help with spiritual guidance.

“My job is to help you guide your life so you can make the most out of it. I want to teach clients that change is possible and necessary for us to grow even if it feels uncomfortable and in the end it will be okay; as one door shuts another always opens. My mother always had these words of wisdom for me when things were hard in life, things will be okay in the end after the transition period, and she is right.
Using astrology it helps us all to make sense of our lives and helps us to realise the bigger picture. If I can help people understand themselves and their lives through my online readings then it is surely a way forward for all of us.
I believe that anyone can do or achieve anything with the right guidance and support. The important issue is to decide what it is you want and go for it. Understanding your astrology birth chart can help you gain insight, guidance and confidence to explore your full potential.”
– Sue Fletcher

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Online Astrology Course

If you are interested in learning astrology so maybe you can read yours and your friend’s birth charts and reports or maybe you are interested in the field, then why not take a look at Sue’s online course? The online course is ideal for anyone who is beginners as well as immediate level. It will enable you to learn about,

  • The sun and the planet signs
  • The twelve houses of the Zodiac
  • The planets in the signs and the houses
  • The four angles and chart ruler
  • The elements quads and polarities
  • Understanding the meanings of the aspects
  • Lastly you will put the information all together to interpret a chart of an celebrity
  • This learning process is done over nine online modules through videos and handouts to help guide you and refer back to at any time. Once the course is complete you will receive a certificate.

    Sue’s Horoscope & Career Path

    “I have Uranus the planet that rules astrology in the 10th House of career in my birth chart. This placement shows that there is an innate ability that could be developed by studying astrology and understanding this placement enabled me to gain the confidence to follow this career direction. I also have Virgo as my rising sign and this is the sign of the writer. Although I was always very good at writing it did not play a big part in my life until I understood that this ability was easy for me. Understanding this aspect of my birth chart actually gave me the confidence to go on and write for a magazine.
    In addition to this, it gave me confidence to teach astrology to others. It gives me great joy when others say they want to learn about astrology. My courses are all online and available to beginners as well as those at an intermediate level. Not only do people learn from my courses but it also helps them to develop too.”
    – Sue Fletcher

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