Having a Astrology reading with me will provide help and support for you to perform at your best through individual assistance. I will help you change and motivate you and then guide you to keep growing as the unique individual you are so you can fulfill your life purpose.

Successful achievement begins with knowing what it is that you are setting out to achieve. The reason that an Astrology reading is so effective is that it allows you to gain whatever you want out of life quickly. It shows you that you are capable of having, doing or being anything that you desire.

When we decide we want to start something new we may take ages to get started. Having a astrology reading with me will move you forward towards your intended goal much quicker than if you are left to your own devises. That is due to us both setting goals.  It is really powerful having someone mentoring and supporting you, as you reach your potenital much faster.

I work with you to help guide and support you to achieve these phenomenal goals.

I also have a you tube channel with more videos so please check them out for more helpful insights.

Part 2. How progressed moon phases can affect you.

Sue talks about the relationship between the body and each sun sign

Sue talks about Chiron in the birth chart

The Sun in the chart part 1

Sun in the chart part 2

Part 1. Understanding the Moon phase you were born under.

The four angles of the birth chart

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